Monday, December 5, 2011

A Grey Beginning

In addition to the FOUR -- potentially SIX -- commissions I have going on (not to mention my job, and working at the Very Venice Art Gallery on Saturdays), I thought I would keep a big dog painting in progress because I just don't have enough to do.  I started this greyhound Saturday night.  Got the basic drawing down, and covered the canvas.

Occasionally I would jump up from the sofa and add a little bit more, but decided to take a breather and sleep on it.

Sunday, I spent most of the day making a delicious broth from the Thanksgiving Turkey carcass, and two soup followed!  Chicken Lentil Soup, and Truffle Turkey Soup.  Both are delicious, and there is plenty of turkey broth leftover to freeze.


After resting after all the cooking, grocery shopping and walking a bit, I jumped back into the Greyhound.  I shortened his snout, added more paint and refined the drawing.  I still need to fix his left eye.

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