Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Snout Monster Hunting

Another fun thing I have been doing is making "blob animals".  I have two of Carla Sonheim's books: Drawing & Painting Imaginary Animals and Drawing Lab Mixed Media Artists Exercises which are both a lot of fun.  One of the exercises is to make a watercolor blob and see what kind of imaginary animal develops and take it from there.  It's a great deal of fun for anyone, but as an artist, it provides that child-like freedom of drawing/painting without the obsessive judgment that we frequently inflict upon ourselves.

This is Snout Monster Hunting.


  1. Donna, thanks for your comments about my imaginary creatures. I think ALL your paintings are amazing. I love your color and painterly forms. You really create mood and emotions with your paintings.

  2. I like this watercolor. It came out great. I used to draw characters from coffee drops on my note paper at work. Didn't know it was actually an excercise. Thanks for the informative post.