Tuesday, September 9, 2014

"Brewing Storm"

I wasn't sure whether or not to consider this painting "finished" or not.  I suppose it could just be a semi-abstract landscape.  I did, however, like the color scheme which was a pretty limited palette of: Cadmium Red Dark (Classic Artists Oils), Quinacridone Red (Classic Artists Oils), Hansa Yellow Orange (Classic Artists Oils), Cadmium Yellow Medium (Utrecht), French Ultramarine Blue (Winsor & Newton) and Titanium White (Winsor & Newton).

Normally, I would have used Gamblin Galkyd as a medium, but this was a lunch hour painting and all I had were my paints, the board and a palette knife.

I started out with a very thin underpainting (on the land and rock area only) with the Quin. Red and the Hansa Yellow Orange.  Hansa Yellow Orange is like Indian Yellow in other brands, but I particularly like Classic Artists Oils' Hansa Yellow Orange better.  In the dark areas, I used a combination of the Cad. Red. Dark and Fr. Ult. Blue.

The gray in the painting was made from all the colors in the palette scraped together with a bit of white added to get the right value.  I rather like it.

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