Sunday, June 3, 2012

My Fourth Day at Carol Marine's Workshop

I had a ceramic bell, so that's what I went for.

Here are the paintings that I worked on.  I had a hard time with the bell initially, but worked on it again and was finally happy with the bell.  The problems were a couple of things.  First, I had bought some Galkyd to use as a medium which dries incredibly fast.  Not a good idea in the dry Sedona climate, and not a good idea when paintings need to be adjusted.  So I had to start over on a whole new panel!  Second, my drawing was way off.  

The second time around, I got the drawing of the bell right.  Carol had spoken about the ellipse.  She continued her drawing right off the panel, and this really helped with my 2nd bell.  Frustration wasn't the word because I was almost in tears with frustration with that bell!  

The bell painting isn't isn't finished, but I will finish it.  I also photographed my set-up.

Carol's set-up

Beginning of Carol's demo
Carol painted such a lovely demo when demonstrating the glass! In my previous post, I included a picture of the painting that Carol did after the workshop that wasn't a "demo" per se since the entire class was not there, so the morning of the 4th day at the workshop, her demo was glass. 

What I loved about the demo was the restraint used.  Just a little pop of yellow in the middle of the daisy.

In the past, I have painted with tons of color.  My understanding is that this is common for beginners.  This little painting was just darling.  Form the flower by painting the negative space around the petals instead of seeing all the different petals.  Suggest them.  Don't define them.  Strangely, today we fixated on comfortable bras.  This probably wouldn't have happened if there had been any men in the class.  LOL.  Such a fun group.
Finished product

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