Sunday, June 3, 2012

My Third Day at Carol Marine's Workshop

The third day we focused on brushstrokes and composition.  Our exercise was the "no fussing" exercise.  It was one of the few paintings that I actually finished.  Every stroke was a different color even if it was slightly different:  altered with white or grayed down.  It's a great exercise for getting your brain out of the habit of "fussing".  The painting should end up looking like a mosaic.  I had actually tried this exercise from one of the Dailypaintworks Challenges and named my blog Mosaic Hippo as a result since it was the first painting on my blog!

Upon Carol's recommendation, a bunch of us visited the Windrush Gallery in Sedona.  What a visual feast!  Afterwards, a few of us returned to the Sedona Arts Center for some after the workshop painting and a glass of wine.

Carol was gracious enough to paint some glass for us and produced this beautiful morsel.

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